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“Is This Normal?” is a book written by Jo Lincolne (Certified Grief Educator), which aims to help readers navigate the early days of grief.

The 71 page book is a guide for those who have experienced the loss of a significant person & those struggling with the grieving process. It offers comfort and reassurance to readers by letting them know that their feelings are normal and that they are not alone in their experiences.

The guide serves as a guiding light for those who may be feeling unprepared for the process of grieving.

It has been written thoughtfully and deliberately, with the simple design allowing readers to take in one or several pages of the book at a time, without the need to read it front to back.

The ultimate goal of the book is to empower grievers by equipping them with valuable information & insights, enabling them to set aside some of their worries and just grieve. It encourages readers to accept their grief, whatever form it takes, and to find solace in the knowledge that their grief journey is ‘normal’.

The experience of grief is one of the trickiest aspects of the human condition. From the early days and through a lifetime. It’s gifts like yours that help us understand this, and through understanding, we are able to accept this part of our lives. My mind can only begin to imagine the difference this book will make to countless lives.” Leigh K

Made In: Australia

Is This Normal? – A Book About Grief

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