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Embracing the thought of preplanning your funeral may seem daunting, but it holds numerous practical benefits. Not only does it alleviate a significant burden for your loved ones, but it also grants you the autonomy to orchestrate your final arrangements.

Opting for a Pre Plan with Cornerstone Funerals ensures that your family won't be burdened with the financial responsibility of your service posthumously. Beyond the obvious advantages, such as potential government payment assistance, there are additional perks to a preplanned funeral. These include the flexibility to save money on your funeral arrangement, the option to make payments over time—eliminating the need for a lump sum payment.

The undeniable peace of mind that accompanies a preplanned funeral is a priceless gift. Wouldn't you want that assurance for your life?

Rest assured, you're in trustworthy hands with straightforward and convenient preplanned funeral options at Cornerstone Funerals. As a local family business upholding family values, we are committed to assisting you in arranging the funeral you envision.

To assist with the handling of your funeral bond Cornerstone Funerals have partnered with the reputable company Sureplan.

Whether you prefer a lump sum or gradual payments starting from as little as $50 per month, the choice is yours.


Here's how the Sureplan process unfolds:

  • Contribute either as a lump sum or through regular payments.

  • Potentially receive an annual bonus based on fund earnings.

  • Upon your passing, your contributions and bonuses are disbursed to your nominee to cover funeral costs.


Once you've finalized your preplanned funeral arrangements, it's advisable to store this information with your personal documents and inform family or friends of its location. Consider having Cornerstone Funerals keep a copy on file for added security. We guarantee to preserve these arrangements indefinitely, providing peace of mind. You can review and make necessary adjustments at any time by consulting with us.

Access the Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond application brochure for more details.

For more information or to tailor your own farewell click the button below to book a time to meet with our team. pre-arrangement consultations are free! Book a time now:

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