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Made from moulded, recycled paper and packaged in a custom carrying case. Crafted on antique moulds from non-toxic, recycled, food-grade paper, and are hand-painted using water-based paints. Can accommodate two sets of remains. A donation is made in memory of the deceased to an ocean conservation organisation.


Include a water soluble bag inside. When placed in the water they will briefly float and then sink to the bottom where they break down naturally over time.


You may purchase biodegradable note cards to write messages to your loved one and ask your funeral professional to place them in the urn with your loved one’s ashes or simply place them on the water when placing the urn.  Remember to use a water soluble ink to minimise your impact on the environment.


The placing of petals on the water’s surface at the time of placing the urn in the water is also another beautiful way to enhance your farewell.


This urn comes with a GEO-code to create a memorial page on our Memorial Map, free of charge. Families can use this code and follow the instructions on Passages International Memorial Map page to GeoTag the final resting place of their loved one’s remains.


 This product has been evaluated and certified by the Green Burial Council (GBC), meaning it meets the standards of the GBC for eco-friendly products. Click here to learn more about GBC certification.


Made of: Paper

Length: 40.6 cm

Height: 15.2 cm

Width: 40.6 cm

Volume: 6.55 L

Personalisation: No

Made In: United States

Bio Shell - Water Scattering

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